At So, Lung and Associates, our goal is clear:


Our clients to success

Professional, responsive and reliable is how our clients describe us.  From mediation to litigation, startups to listed entities, property transactions to complex commercial relationships, we excel in what we do and love to journey with our clients to their best possible outcome.

Primary Practice Areas

Financial Services Regulatory and Litigation

Practical legal and regulatory advice to Securities and Futures Commission Licence applicants, SFC licensed firms, banks and listed companies (as well as their directors and management staff). We work closely with the management teams and legal/compliance officers of our clients, assisting them to discharge their day-to-day legal and compliance obligations, providing them with effective and practical solutions.

Commercial and Civil Litigation

We take the time to understand our clients’ unique litigation objectives and adopt a proactive approach to aggressively advance our clients’ interests and achieve expeditiously the best outcome.  Our litigation services cover all levels of courts and a wide range of areas including contractual and shareholders’ disputes, property, probate, employment, enforcement of security, judicial review, and insolvency disputes.

Intellectual Property Protection and Trading

IP right is perhaps the most valualble asset of a company, whether it is a startup or an established name brand.  We are passionate about the protection and the harnessing of the economic power of IP rights by way of IP trading, both locally and across the border.  Whether it is registration of trademarks and patents, taking enforcement actions against infringement, or licensing and assignment of IP rights, come talk to us.

Insurance Defence

Timeliness and proactivity are the best friends of an insurance company and the guideposts of our insurance litigation practice. Often lawyers get drawn into long battles which are in nobody’s interests.  With our extensive experience in motor claims, employees’ compensation, slip and falls as well as property damage cases, we understand the insurers’ needs of dealing with claims efficiently and effectively, which is to settle claims quickly by offering to pay what is fair and equitable.

Land Litigation

Under the Land (Compulsory Sale for Redevelopment) Ordinance, threshold requirement from 90% ownership to 80% in 2010 has seen the number of applications increased signicantly, playing a vital role in Hong Kong’s urban renewal. We have handled the only Court of Final Appeal case, 2 of 3 Court of Appeal cases, and dozens of applications in the past years. We also have a strong and concrete foundation in New Territories land matters, handling dozens of adverse possession cases.

Mediation Services

We are a leading law firms in general and family mediation. in general mediation cases, we have extensive experience in handling personal injury or medical negligence claims, civil disputes, intellectual property disputes, property related disputes and probate related disputes. In family mediation cases, we proactively conduct mediation on cross-border issues, custody, care and control, access, division of assets and maintenance issues.

Hong Kong: Seizing the Opportunites

Hong Kong is at an exciting junction in time, space and history.  With the Belt and Road Initiative, the Bay Area development and the strategic opportunities provided under “One Country Two Systems”, Hong Kong is the right place for your business to flourish and scale up quickly.  We are here to help you ride this great wave of economic opportunities.



15/F, China Taiping Tower,

8 Sunning Road, Hong Kong.


+852 3107 1122

Our Office Location

Our Office Location

15/F, China Taiping Tower,

8 Sunning Road, Hong Kong.

+852 3107 1122


You may enter our building from either Sunning Road or Yun Ping Road.