Arbitration, Litigation, Family and Criminal Proceedings

Arbitration, Litigation, Family and Criminal Proceedings

In a vibrant and lively city like Hong Kong, it is inevitable that disputes arise occasionally among different stakeholders and even among couples and family members. To resolve the disputes, the parties would have to resort to arbitration or litigation to uphold their rights or to protect their interest.

We appreciate that our clients may have different objectives, be it purely financial or seeking justice and fairness. Therefore, we always take time to understand our clients’ unique needs and endeavour to help our clients to achieve their objectives. We believe in adopting a proactive approach to advance our clients’ interest, to explore options and finally to come up with an expeditious, economical and appropriate resolution to their disputes.

Our lawyers handle both local and overseas arbitrations and legal matters in all levels of courts and tribunals in Hong Kong, covering a wide range of matters including:-

  • Contractual disputes and shareholders disputes
  • Rival claims to properties
  • Contentious Probate actions
  • Employment disputes and Restraint of Trade
  • Enforcement of Security
  • Insolvency and Bankruptcy
  • Divorce and disputes over children and family assets
  • Building Management
  • Tenancy Disputes

We also represent our clients in criminal proceedings in all levels of criminal courts.

Team Leaders:

Tel:(852) 3107 1122
Fax:(852) 3107 1100

Tel:(852) 3107 1122
Fax:(852) 3107 1100

Commercial and Corporate

Commercial and Corporate

Our commercial and corporate team handles a broad range of non-contentious matters on behalf of our clients. Be it ongoing advice on commercial matters, review and maintenance of corporate documentation, or professional assistance on specific business projects, we help clients to navigate the legal and compliance landscape to achieve their business goals.


Our clients come from various industry sectors with different legal and commercial priorities. Having acted for multinationals, corporations and ultra-high net worth individuals in Hong Kong, mainland China and internationally, we pride ourselves on the personal attention and all-rounded quality services rendered to our clients. In particular, we coordinate with skilled professional advisors in different areas from various jurisdictions to offer one stop legal solution for clients in a cost-effective and timely manner.

We have solid experience in advising on:

  • Joint ventures
  • Shareholders related matters
  • Investment and share subscription
  • Loan and facility arrangements
  • Cross-border transactions
  • Corporate restructuring
  • PRC-related commercial work
  • Merger and acquisitions
  • Transfer of businesses
  • Legal due diligence
  • Employment matters
  • Distributorship, agency, licensing and franchise arrangements
  • Establishment of new companies, businesses and charitable institutions
  • Trust and asset protection arrangements

Corporate Secretarial and Compliance

Hong Kong and global regulatory requirements on companies have been tightening up in recent years resulting in more management attention to such requirements. We offer comprehensive corporate services to help our clients manage their compliance responsibility efficiently and mitigate potential risk.

Our team is led by legal professional with in-depth experience of handling a wide variety of corporate matters for over 40 years. Our clients not only benefit from working closely with our team on resolving administrative, governance and compliance issues of their companies/groups, but also enjoy the proximity to the legal expertise provided by our firm in other major service areas.

Our Clients

  1. Hong Kong private companies
  2. BVI companies
  3. Cayman Island companies
  4. Multi-national group with individual companies from different jurisdictions
  5. Ultra-high net worth individuals

Our Services

For HK private companies/overseas companies registered in HK:

  • Providing:-
    • company secretary
    • registered office/correspondence address
    • authorized signatories/authorized representatives
  • Preparing and filing statutory returns
  • Reviewing and advising on:-
    • share capital
    • legal updates on corporate governance
  • Advising on on-going and ad hoc compliance or corporate governance requirements

For BVI and Cayman Companies:

  • Providing administrator
  • Attending to annual statutory filing including but not limited to economic substance reporting
  • Liaising with registered agent/office
  • Handling the KYC/periodic review by the registered agent/office

Other Corporate Services

  • Company formation
  • Providing nominee shareholder/director
  • Maintaining and updating statutory records
  • Ongoing secretarial and administrative support
  • Change of company structure and/or directors/officers
  • Attending to transfer of shares
  • Reviewing and advising on asset protection structures
  • Deregistration, Liquidation and Winding-up

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Our Team

The team is led by Mr. Robert CHAN (Partner), who has over 40 years of experience and proven track record in wide array of commercial and corporate  matters both within Hong Kong and overseas. Having served on the board of clients’ companies spanning across various industry as well as on the enforcer committees of asset protection structures, he advises clients on all aspects of corporate, commercial and trust laws.

Partner - Supervising Solicitor

Mr. Robert H.Y. CHAN

Tel:(852) 3107 1122
Fax:(852) 3107 1100

Tel:(852) 3107 1122
Fax:(852) 3107 1100


Ms. Anson O.Y. Wong

(B. Com. (Hons) (Law & Business), J.D., CAMS)

Tel:(852) 3107 1122
Fax:(852) 3107 1100

Our Fee/Enquiries

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Family and General Mediation Services

Family and General Mediation Services

We are one of the leading law firms providing both Family and General Mediation services. With our passion to work out settlement with parties in dispute, we are also the pioneer law firm which establishes a mediation centre, namely Metro Mediation Centre, to provide alternative means of dispute resolution and promote harmony through mediation services.

Our Mediation Team has conducted Family and General Mediation for almost 1,000 cases:

  • Family Mediation Cases – We have extensive experience in handling family mediation on children’s custody, care and control, access, relocation, division of assets, maintenance for children and spouse and co-parenting matters. In addition, our Family Mediation Supervisors deliver Family Mediation Accreditation Course every year, and provide training and supervision to trainee family mediators in live family mediation cases. As some of our mediators are also Counsellors, we have unique experience in conducting Child Inclusive Family Mediation.
  • General Mediation Cases – We have rich experience in handling various range of disputes involving landed property, will, estate administration and distribution, dependent’s right in an estate, family business (involving generations and multi-parties), commercial contracts, companies, medical/professional negligence claims, landlord and tenant, water seepage, building management, employment and other areas of disputes.

Our mediators are always invited to conduct workshops and deliver seminars or talks on family and general mediation practice and skills, family relationship and parenting, and conflict resolution for various Universities, Government Departments, non-governmental organizations and bodies, companies, churches and schools.

Our Mediation Team also published the book “In-Between Conflict and Settlement – Family Mediation Cases Sharing and Reflections” 《紛爭後•和解前—家事調解個案分享及心靈札記》in 2020.

Team Leaders:

Tel:(852) 3107 1122
Fax:(852) 3107 1100

Tel:(852) 3107 1122
Fax:(852) 3107 1100

Financial Services Regulatory and Litigation

Financial Services Regulatory and Litigation

We provide solutions to clients, not simply compliance !  Our core team members have decades of experience in these, having advised clients at this prestigious local law firm and (beforehand) at international law firms at partner’s level.

Our Financial Services Regulatory and Litigation Team provides practical legal and regulatory advice to Securities and Futures Commission (“SFC”) licence applicants, SFC licensed firms (securities brokers, fund managers, sponsors and underwriters), listing applicants, banks and listed companies (as well as their directors and management staff).  We work closely with the management teams and legal/compliance officers of our clients, assisting them to discharge their day-to-day legal and compliance obligations and providing them with effective and practical solutions.

On the financial services regulatory aspect, we have solid experience in:-

(i) advising clients on SFC licensing obligations/exemptions, seeking various types of SFC/HKMA licences and registrations (e.g. securities, futures, FX, advisory, ATS, corporate finance and fund management licences), advising clients on daily legal and compliance obligations, and dealing with legal/regulatory issues which may arise from clients’ businesses from time to time; and

(ii) advising clients on setting up investment funds, corporate restructuring, due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, and drafting commercial agreements (e.g. sale and purchase of companies/assets, JV agreements, shareholders agreements etc.).

On the litigation aspect, we handle enquiries and investigations by securities regulators, professional bodies and other government authorities.  Examples are investigations, court and/or disciplinary proceedings brought by the SFC, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, HKICPA, Financial Reporting Council, the Police and the Independent Commission Against Corruption. We also handle other commercial litigations such as shareholders’ disputes, employment disputes, contractual disputes and “mis-selling”/negligent advice claims.


We have solid experience in defending listed companies’ directors (on insider dealing and other market misconduct offences), securities brokerage firms, warrant market makers, securities analysts, auditors, investment banks and retail banks.

The team is led by Mr. Philson HO (Partner), a lawyer and certified public accountant who has about 30 years of experience in legal, compliance, finance, audit and listed companies’ regulations.  A former litigation partner of a major international law firm in Hong Kong, Mr. HO used to work in the SFC mainly responsible for licensing and compliance of Hong Kong financial services intermediaries.

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Insurance Defence

Insurance Defence

Insurance Defence Litigation is a very specialized area, full of traps for the unwary. We understand the insurers’ needs of dealing with claims efficiently and effectively, which is to settle claims quickly by offering to pay what is fair and equitable.

Very often lawyers are prone to be drawn into long battles which are in nobody’s interests, not even the lawyers. Our extensive experience in motor claims, employees’ compensation, slip and falls as well as property damage cases enables us to assist insurer clients by accurately evaluating the merits of a case, and navigating over the potential pitfalls of the litigation process.

We also act for insurers in defending insurance-related claims and advising on policy interpretations and disputes. We represented them in arbitration in insurance disputes.

Timeliness and pro-activity are the best friends of an insurance company and the guideposts of our insurance litigation practice. From claims investigation to conducting effective defence in court, our team of solicitors strives to be proactive in conducting the cases so as to minimize our clients’ legal risk exposure. We offer tailor-made and innovative solutions to achieve our clients’ operational objectives.

Development in insurance litigation is progressing at a rapid pace. We provide our insurer clients with up-to-date information on judicial and legislative development in this area. In our insurance litigation practice, relationship with our client is a long-term proposition.

Our personal injury specialists have comprehensive understanding of the needs of both claimant and defendant clients. We are capable to develop tailor-made strategies and strive for the best solutions for you.

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