Arbitration, Litigation, Family and Criminal Proceedings

In a vibrant and lively city like Hong Kong, it is inevitable that disputes arise occasionally among different stakeholders and even among couples and family members. To resolve the disputes, the parties would have to resort to arbitration or litigation to uphold their rights or to protect their interest.

We appreciate that our clients may have different objectives, be it purely financial or seeking justice and fairness. Therefore, we always take time to understand our clients’ unique needs and endeavour to help our clients to achieve their objectives. We believe in adopting a proactive approach to advance our clients’ interest, to explore options and finally to come up with an expeditious, economical and appropriate resolution to their disputes.

Our lawyers handle both local and overseas arbitrations and legal matters in all levels of courts and tribunals in Hong Kong, covering a wide range of matters including:-

  • Contractual disputes and shareholders disputes
  • Rival claims to properties
  • Contentious Probate actions
  • Employment disputes and Restraint of Trade
  • Enforcement of Security
  • Insolvency and Bankruptcy
  • Divorce and disputes over children and family assets
  • Building Management
  • Tenancy Disputes

We also represent our clients in criminal proceedings in all levels of criminal courts.

Team Leaders:

Tel:(852) 3107 1122
Fax:(852) 3107 1100

Tel:(852) 3107 1122
Fax:(852) 3107 1100